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The glazes, made according to the company’s own recipe, consist of minerals, precious metals and oxides mixed with base materials for glass and sometimes matting agents.

Mobach Ceramics uses two different firing methods, namely oxidised, where oxygen is added and the metals leave the kiln in oxide form, and reduction, whereby the supply of oxygen is reduced during the firing process, so that the metals in the glazes are reduced to their metal form and colours.

Mobach Ceramics produces the following reduction fired glazes: graphite, graphite gloss, mat gold and the lustres; silver-yellow, autumn, red, purple, silver-green, silver-blue, facet-blue, taupe and pearl. The reduction fired glazes graphite and high-gloss graphite are sensitive to the acid air and rain, which can lead to colour changes and the grey graphite can gradually turn copper-green. Mobach Ceramics produces the following oxidised fired glazes: Metal white, ecru, mat black, black gloss, mat brown and brown gloss. In addition to the diversity inherent in production by hand, the differences which emerge whilst applying the glazes and the atmospheric conditions during the firing process produce an ever-changing end result, which is impossible to reproduce exactly. Partly as a result of this, each product made is unique.

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