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After the ceramics have been allowed to dry naturally and most of the water has disappeared, the products can be fired for the first time - the biscuit firing - at 950°C.

Then one or more layers of glaze are applied, by immersion, dipping or spraying. After this, the pieces are fired for the second time at about
Depending on the size, the normal production time is 6 to 10 weeks.

Mobach Ceramics uses clay from the Westerwald, Germany. It is a natural product, which is excavated, purified and mixed (enriched) with minerals according to the company’s own recipe.
The composition of the clay and the kiln temperature are chosen in such a way that the shard sinters (vitrifies) and becomes watertight.
NB. If the plant holders or large vases are placed on a soft base (carpet or wood), there must be enough ventilation to prevent rotting due to the formation of condensation and/or spills during watering.

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